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Our Lavender body scrub has the relaxing aroma therapy you'll need after a long day at work. Our exfoliating, detoxifying and nourishing body scrub is formulated with Coconut, Olive, Vitamin E, and Avocado Oils. These oils leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft, and silky. Extra fine grain Dead Sea Salts and Organic Sugars are used to create a gentle exfoliating polish that refines, smooths, and detoxifies the skin.  Let us help you scrub away all today's tensions!! Used regularly, this scrub will help to alleviate dry, rough skin and impart a luxurious silky texture and vibrant glow.

Lavender Body Scrub

  • Use in the shower or bath. Massage a small amount of scrub onto wet skin. Focus scrub on arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso, avoiding sensitive areas. Rinse off scrub thoroughly after treatment. Use scrub 2-3 times per week to achieve the best results.

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